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Last night I had visitors that informed me that at the Wal-Mart on Herndon and Ingram (Not sure this is the correct spelling) there are people gathering signatures for an anti gay marriage ballot/initiative/constitutional amendment. I just received a phone call from another member of our community to voice his concern regarding this activity. I called to complain about this situation and the acting store manager informed me that even though Wal-Mart does want this happening on their property, the petitioners have a RIGHT to be there. I informed them that they did not considering they are on their private property and not on public property. I then called and lodged a formal compliant with their corporate offices at 1-800-WAL-MART. They informed me that my concerns would be passed up the chain of command and that I could expect a response back with in 5 days.

I informed them that not only am I a customer, but also a gay activist in the local area and that I would be call for an action alert of the community requesting them to flood their phone lines with our concerns until this activity is stopped. Can you help with this action????
The store # is 559-431-0107
Corporate # is 1-800-WAL-MART
Jeffery Robinson
Added by GayFresno 2/3/08:
I went over to Sams Club today (Feb 2nd) and they are conducting this action there as well.  I have sent an email to Sam’s Club (part of wal mart) and I hope you will too.  They have an online contact form to contact them:
Also, their phone number is: (559) 446-0106

Our last known contact for the district manager is:
Shane Dickerson

If you have heard back from Wal Mart we’d be interested to hear what they had to say…

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