Al Gore Speaks Out On Gay Marriage

Image While none of the current Presidential candidates has the guts to speak the truth on the issue of gay marriage, Al Gore, who unfortunately is not running, has done just that. Even Hillary, who I think we all assumed would be behind us on this issue, is not, claiming her position is "personal". It’s stunning to see any Presidential candidate in 2008 state that their "personal" beliefs should be allowed to restrict the civil rights of millions of Americans by upholding hundreds of years of prejudice and bigotry. Add to that the fact that denying gay people marriage rights is unconstitutional and it’s easy to scoff at the phrase "greatest country in the world". So while we wait once again for Americans to put down their mythological bibles and support the United States Constitution, which they claim to be so proud of, we at least have these words from our recent Nobel Peace Prize winner… Al Gore Speaks Out On Gay Marriage (Video) 

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