Music Video – “Imagination”

Image Music Video – "Imagination"
I created this music video out of my anger at the path America and Americans have taken over the past few years, particularly during the Bush administration.

In 2008 gay Americans still don’t have equal civil rights (as conservative and religious Americans spread complete lies about some invisible "threat", one of the most evil and self serving organized movements I’ve ever witnessed), we’re mired in the illegal and destructive Iraq war, outsourcing is moving American jobs to other countries to save corporations a couple of dollars, and Christianity continues to work to turn their beliefs into law. Global warming is still debated, regardless of the evidence, evolution is rejected by Presidential candidates as well as millions of Americans in order to introduce the intelligent design insanity. And the United States of America is openly torturing while denying it in public.

America wants the image of the greatest nation on earth without actually practicing what we preach. In a "free" nation, our rights are vanishing while conservatives have decided that freedom is not worth opposing viewpoints or alternate definitions of "morality". Conservative Americans are doing all they can to censor our speech and our airwaves. They lack the intelligence which would allow them to understand that the price of freedom is a society they may not always agree with.

And as it turns out, our Republican administration can’t provide natural disaster planning and assistance, as evidenced by the tragedy of hurricane Katrina. There’s also the lack of inspection and quality of our food supply, as evidenced by recent food recalls, not to mention the pet food recall and the toy recalls, which is the result of an unwavering worship of profit that causes us to have our products manufactured in countries like China, where pollution and contamination is rampant. Finally, when over 40 million Americans can’t afford health care and conservatives regularly demonize universal health care so that their wait in line doesn’t increase, it’s clear that the wrong people with the wrong ideas are in control. The very foundation we thought this country was built on may have never existed in the first place.

The long list that ends the video is actually a compilation of 3 separate posters (Events, Slogans, People) created by Rich Silverstein for to illustrate the lunacy of the Bush years.
You can purchase the posters or silk screens online at:…

I neglected to include in credits that the songwriters are Gerry Goffin & Barry Goldberg (less)


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