HIV Negative People Are Not Important

I want you to ask yourself this question, when was the last time you’ve seen a HIV prevention commercial and for that matter, when have you seen an advertisement for any HIV medications on television?  As far as the HIV prevention commercial, I’m sure you would say a long time ago if not at all.  And in regards to the HIV medications advertisements, it hasn’t happened and probably will not!


It is these very things that concern me.  I find it funny that I see commercials for herpes medicines on television but nothing about HIV medications.  I guess the fact that a person has to take three different types of medications to make for a complete HIV regimen probably makes it hard to advertise something like.  I do know that there are a couple of medications out there that combine three different medications into one pill which does make it easier for a person who is on the go and lives an active lifestyle.  But the point that I’m trying to make is that if this type of information is not being put out there, how will people know what’s available and be able to make informed decisions about their health or the health of a loved one.  Now of course when someone becomes infected, their HIV doctor will go over all this information with them to help them come to a decision that is right for them.  But the question that I ask myself is, do we as a society wait until someone becomes infected with HIV/AIDS and then provide them with the education?  In my opinion I would say that’s too late and by then some folks don’t care and they just want to know how long they have to live!  As I look out into the
Fresno area, I see organizations that help folks that have HIV/AIDS but I don’t see work being done to prevent the spread of AIDS in our community.  I almost get a sense that HIV negative people are not important.  When I think about it, a pharmaceutical company can’t make a profit off of an HIV negative person because that person would have no need for the medications but HIV positive people do.  If there are no AIDS prevention messages being put out there, what are people suppose to think?  I don’t understand how someone can protect themselves from a virus that they know nothing about or perceive as being a real threat?  When I talk with guys about HIV/AIDS, some think that it’s not that serious of an issue but when I let them know that 85% of the AIDS cases in our county are male, they are in shock.  I’m really concerned that there are 40 to 60 thousand new AIDS cases here in the
United States each year yet I don’t see any AIDS prevention messages coming out from our federal, state, and local governments.  It is because my knowledge about HIV/AIDS and the lack of education that’s being put out there around this disease that I have decided to form PROJECT: MALE.  We at PROJECT: MALE doesn’t just work with guys who are HIV positive but we strive to prevent the spread of AIDS in men who are HIV negative so that they can be healthy and strong and work with us to fight against AIDS!   Guys, call us at (559) 268-1969 for more information about PROJECT: MALE!

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