Pride and Seek!

s a Fresno native I’ve been away in a larger metro area for the last two years, I was proud to attend the Pride Parade 2007 and was looking forward to the family oriented event.  In our celebrations  here we do something that the larger metropolitan areas do not, we bring our children, our mothers, our family members, and we are able to do this because our little city has not yet become corrupted by the awe inspiring uninhibited "anything goes" mentality that you might find in San Francisco. or so I thought….

 Towards the end of the day I was socializing with my new friends and their family members (children included) everyone enjoyed the festivities not forgetting to mention the interesting hot guys wearing next to nothing. I believe underwear boy #06.. is something I recalled.. (smiling to self). And though I have shaved my horns down (so to speak) I do have some moral beliefs.. and those quickly kicked in when I heard of my friends family having to be quickly skirted away children that they are,  from what seemed to be a new game that I will now call Pride and Seek.

 Ah yes Pride and Seek, the game where we seek to find out just how prideful our new underwear boys can be, in showing there prideful members …  yup you guessed it, the hidden members down below the waistline.. Now I enjoy a lil peek-a-boo show here and there.. But I don’t know if I want to answer questions from my kid brother about why someone is taking pictures of a guy looking at another man’s MEMBER? (RECORD SCRATCH) FREEZ FRAME!!!!   Um….   How does one answer this while keeping their cool? What would that child tell their friends, how does this affect our schools young gay community. Fresno Rainbow Pride which was once set aside as a family event now no longer appears in my own opinion appropriate for young viewers.

 So my question is this, do we conform to the traditional adult themed events like other cities, or do we enjoy going to those far off places to get the cutting edge experience, and leave it there when we return to our homes?

 So now we turn to you our community. Let’s do a poll. If you have your own opinion and would like to share, please post your comment in the form below.


This poll is now closed. The final results are below…
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"Do you think the Fresno Pride festival should be…"
Completely kid friendly. No nudity or lewdness 30%
Completely adult oriented. Children shouldn’t attend 13%
Mostly kid friendly with an ‘Adult’ section 28%
Mostly adult with a kid friendly section 28%

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