California Court Rules against Marriage


San Francisco – In a series of community events across California today, Marriage Equality USA will come together to express disappointment in today’s appellate court decision, but is optimistic that the California Supreme Court will right this legal wrong.

128 page Court decisision

"Though we are disappointed, we always knew this issue was going to be decided by the California Supreme Court,” said Molly McKay, Media Director of Marriage Equality USA. “It is our generation’s responsibility to see justice done for our families in our state and country.  We believe that the California Supreme Court will enforce the Constitutional guarantee of equality under the law and strike down the discriminatory barriers denying same-sex couples access to civil marriage.”
“Marriage Equality USA is a grassroots organization made up local chapters across California, from Eureka to Stockton to San Diego," explained Pamela Brown, Marriage Equality USA California Policy Director.  "This evening we will once again put a human face on the importance of marriage equality.  We will reaffirm the California value of equality and stand against today’s ruling essentially stating that our families are ‘second class’ and that the fundamental right to marry the person of our choice does not belong to all Californians.  The appellate decision is wrong and will not stand.” 

Stuart Gaffney and John Lewis, Marriage Equality USA leaders and plaintiffs in this lawsuit, recall the California courts’ historic role in ending marriage discrimination against interracial couples like Stuart’s parents. "Fifty years ago, the California courts paved the way for my mom and dad to get married when they struck down the state law barring interracial couples from marriage," said Gaffney. "We are hopeful that the California Supreme Court will again strike down this remaining discriminatory barrier so that John and I can marry next year – what a great 20th anniversary present that would be for us."


Marriage Equality USA is a national non-profit organization devoted to securing the freedom and right of same-sex couples to enter into a legally recognized civil marriage with all the federal and state benefits and responsibilities which that entails.   For more information go to

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