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From the Fresno Bee (Saturday, June 18th 2005):

Recently on TV, I saw a commercial for the Fresno Gay Pride Parade, held on June 4. After encouraging everybody to come out, showing videos of "Gay Pride" demonstrators and featuring more rainbow colors than a hippie music video, the commercial finished with the statement, "Comcast proudly supports Fresno’s Gay Pride Parade…" Later, Comcast sponsored and hosted a segment interviewing one of the leaders of the parade.

How far have we come as a society, if a company as reputable as Comcast openly endorses homosexual "pride" gatherings, especially in such a conservative area as this, without any fear of reprisal? They aren’t going to get bad press; they aren’t going to lose their customer base. It’s sad; Christians are reduced to mute observers and non-believers are given a megaphone.

The nonbelievers and secularists are trying to create a society of watered-down Christians: Christians who are okay with abortion, who won’t complain about gay marriage, who will stand by and watch our country’s Judeo-Christian roots turn to dust.

I encourage Valley readers to voice opposition to the way Comcast panders to the homosexual lobby; I believe that the values of the majority are being ignored.

Joshua Sharp
Age 18

If the gay community doesn’t speak out against this attack on our gay friendly sponsors, Comcast may choose not to continue supporting our efforts, all because the gay community didn’t speak up!  Also, these letters may also discourage other companies to get involved and sponsor. 

Encourage others to write to the bee and also letters of appreciation to Comcast and any other sponsor.

To write a "letter to the editor" of the Fresno Bee:

To write a letter or make a phone call to Comcast (UPDATED 6/21):

Comcast – L.O.
2441 N. Grove Industrial Drive
Fresno, CA 93727
Phone Number: (559) 455-4289

Update in the 6/21/05 Fresno Bee Letter to the editor:

Celebrate difference

In regard to Joshua Sharp’s letter [June 18]: Last time I looked, we lived in America. In this country, we are supposed to celebrate differences and respect the opinions of everyone.

If you’ll recall, the "minority" sought freedom from the majority rule of England. What a shame it is if you have to give up your First Amendment right to be a "good" Christian.

Timothy Cox

Ignoring the minority
In his letter [June 18], Joshua Sharp complains about Comcast supporting the Gay Pride Parade, and concludes that "the values of the majority being ignored." He laments that "Christians are reduced to mute observers and nonbelievers are given a megaphone."

With all due respect to Mr. Sharp and the values he holds dear, we Americans need to quit pushing the panic button each time a minority opinion is expressed or supported. Under the Bush administration, it is the president who has been blowing into Mr. Sharp’s megaphone, while ignoring the values of people in the minority.

Jerry Freeman

Update in the 6/22/05 Fresno Bee Letter to the editor:


Ultimate reprisal
Joshua Sharp of Corcoran asks: "How far have we come as a society, if a company as reputable as Comcast openly endorses homosexual ‘pride’ gatherings, especially in such a conservative area as this, without any fear of reprisal?" [letter June 18].

Thankfully, we have come a long way from hateful bigotry hiding under white sheets of religiously inspired prejudice that has caused "fear of reprisal" in so many minorities. Indeed, many, such as the gay icon Matthew Sheppard, were martyred by those who made the ultimate reprisal against the gay minority.

As retired Bishop John Shelby Spong of the Episcopal Church says in his recent book, "The Sins of the Scriptures: Exposing the Bible’s Texts of Hate to Reveal the Love of God":

"This vehement rhetoric reveals quite overtly the frightening but real assessment that even with God and the Bible presumably on their side, they are still losing the fight!"

I hope we can one day all live in a Valley that will rise above the notion that religious prejudice is a justification to deny minority members of the community equal protection of the law for their civil marriages and all other civil rights.

Berl Jay Hubbell

After reading the letter titled, "Values of the majority" [June 18], I can understand why some members of our community find it difficult to come out of the closet.

I have a feeling that if the letter writer were to see a sponsorship from a company for a black heritage parade or a Christian parade, he would not be upset in the slightest.

I believe Comcast should be applauded for its wonderful history of supporting the entire community.

Next we’ll find individuals trying to force Comcast to remove Showtime from everyone’s channel lineup because it has "Queer As Folk" on it.

Jason Scott

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