Gay Pride 2005

Fresno’s Gay Pride Parade
June 4th, 2005

Saturday June 4th, as you may know was the Pride Parade and Festival down in the Tower District. If you were unable to attend, you definitely missed out this year. Personally, I think this year was the best ever…

We had a little piece of everyone in the parade. I think all the LGBTQ groups in Fresno were represented. Marching with Gay Fresno/Fresno LGBTQ/ EQCA, I was able to see a little piece of all the groups. My personal favorite (besides the one I was in) was De Ja Vu’s. They out do themselves every year. They have a fabulous aura about them. It was glowing this year.
The streets were lined with people on both sides. It was very welcoming seeing the turn out for the LGBTQ community. It was nice to see all our friends and family. A big thank you goes out to all who attended. I hope they enjoyed themselves.
The festival was huge. There were so many people it was hard to get around some of the time, with out walking and bumping to people. Next year I hope we can spread out a little more. As packed as it was it was bearable. We had booths galore, from Only For You to 2 MECA/EQCA booths. Gay Fresno was in the middle of the booths and we had a lot of people stop by. EQCA managed to sign up hundreds of folks for the post cards to send to the Govenator in support of Gay Marriage. Thank you to all who signed up, and for those who didn’t, better luck next time.
The karaoke contest was nice, Gay Pride Idol, I think they called it. The performers could be heard throughout the festival. And Rose, she did a bit of a strip tease….and let me tell you, it got a little hot in there! A big thank you to her for spicing up the crowd.
All in all, I think Pride was a huge success. I personally didn’t see any problems, no confrontations, no out of line drunkards. It was all good.  Not that I think we could have done anything better, besides maybe having a bigger festival area……….Fresno Gay Pride 2005 was a success. I had a wonderful time and I’d like to thank those who enriched my experience this year.




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