TVC Visits Clovis

Image  Traditional Values Coalition Rally…………not all it was summed up to be. Why you may ask? Well, along with myself and 25-30 other “love warriors” in attendance, we let it be known they were not welcome in our town. They probably figured going to out sister city Clovis, the LGBTQ community would not show up. Well, we did. Our presence was huge. They had about 200 ppl. There and they were roped off “for their safety”, I say they were rats in a cage for the safety of whomever. The police tape gave us a bit of a directive where to stand.   We were very loud and very clear. We were NOT happy they were here and we were not going to let them intoxicate Clovis and the people of the Central Valley.

                To be quite honest I’m not able to report too much of the rhetoric being spewed there, we were very loud with our chanting and our attempts to sing.  The song “We are a Gentle Angry People” well it didn’t go over too well, we need practice. The chants: “What do we want? Marriage Equality! When do we want it? NOW!” “Jody go Home!” Mrs. Hutchins did not like that chant, not one bit. She definitely wanted us to go home, and we weren’t not until the last one of them vacated the premises! They ended up calling the rally 20 minutes earlier. I guess we got to them…MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!! After the rally their supporters were quick to leave. I was very proud of the Cornerstoner’s, they didn’t over step their bound. It turned out to be very peaceful. The Clovis PD even acknowledged our peacefulness after the rally. He said he was please how everything went.
                Thanks to the warriors from Bakersfield and Stockton, we were strong in numbers…….strong in action, and funny as well. I had a great time. It was nice to spend the day with old friends, new friends, and friends from all over the Central Valley.  If any of them are reading this….THANK YOU!!!!!! I look forward to participating in any social or political events with all of you. Hopefully we’ll be able to corral up some more “warriors”.


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