CCA, MECA Fundraiser

ImageFebruary 12th was an evening of comedy, activism, and
fun-raising!  Sponsored by Central California Alliance, this fundraiser/comedy
night raised $250.00 to go towards the MECA/EQCA, Marriage Equality of
California Fresno Chapter led by spouses Baltimore Gonzalez and Robert Flanagan.

The featured speaker of the evening was Robin Tyler, Executive Director of the
Equality who collected $750.oo in donations to go towards
the changing of the laws that are currently in place in regards to pedophiles. 
The Equality, is working nationally to help
communities organize rallies or protests regarding marriage equality for LGBT
people.  Robin offered a hilarious twist of humor that included jokes about the
LGBT Community and her past endeavors throughout her 66 years in this world. 
Robin was a little rough around the edges, with a humorous heart.  Approximately
60 people attended, which made for a cozy & quaint atmosphere with rose
pedals spread around heart shaped candles as centerpieces on each table.  Robin
offered a historical view on the Gay rights movement that was extremely
powerful!  A huge thank you to CCA, Sue Stone, president of CCA, Robin MGehee,
Events Coordinator, CCA, Ron Wilson, (CCA Board Member) and to all of those who
contributed to this successful event.



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