We as youth these days are scared of rejection, not getting accepted for who we are. We feel like we have to live up to societies standards. We have to act, dress, be a certain way to feel accepted. So when we have a different sexual preference we don’t know to tell someone. Its easier for us to tell our friends because its not a big deal, they can either accept us for who we are or not and if they choose not to we can find other friends.

Telling family, now that is a different story, how many parents do we get in a lifetime, 2 that’s all. So just the thought of our own family rejecting us causes us to panic. We don’t know what to do or who to talk to, which triggers feelings and thoughts that many Gay or Lesbian or even questioning teens haven’t thought about before, like Suicide, or any other thoughts of self harm. But what many of us might not know is that there is a hotline for teens that have these thoughts or problems with coming out, or just need help and guidance, its 1-800-4U-TREVOR. We need support from someone, that understands us and how to get through coming out, or just to talk about things like this, to people who understand us. Because I know that I as a teenager was scared of coming out at all, I still am, I am openly a lesbian to my friends but and some family but I am not to parents specifically, but to my sister I am, who I regret not telling sooner because she accepted me but just the thought of my moms rejection and reaction causes me to tear up. We have talked about it, my mom is strictly against it, she is a devoted christian, who constantly makes rude comments about the LGBTQ community I don’t think I am ready to tell her but in time I will be. On the other hand my friends accept me for who I am. My only mistake was not telling my best friend sooner, she was only mad at the fact I didn’t tell her 1st because she didn’t have a problem with it at all, she supports me through everything. So through the times I was confused and scared I could have used the hotline, so now that I know about it I want to share it with those teenagers that aren’t open or are feeling confused and scared and need guidance.

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